Speed and precision in heavy machinery insurance claims

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In the insurance world, dealing with heavy machinery claims can present large challenges and lengthy procedures. The intricacies of assessing damages to heavy machinery often lead to frustratingly slow assessing times. These delays slow down businesses that rely on these machines for their operations. In a recent post, we asked you to let us know the most significant challenge during a heavy machinery claim.



An overwhelming 64% of respondents identified longer-than-necessary assessment timeframes as the major issue in the industry. Hello Claims has taken the lead in revolutionising heavy machinery insurance claims with its dedicated Complex Assessing Team.


A dedicated Complex Assessing Team

Heavy machinery claims aren’t just about damaged equipment. They encompass intricate factors, from complex technical details to multiple stakeholders involved. The result? Delays in the assessment and repair can lead to exorbitant costs and loss of customers.

Hello Claims stands as a beacon of relief with its Complex Assessing Team. This group of experienced, qualified assessors is equipped with specialised knowledge and expertise to tackle even the most complex claims.


Precision and speed: the Hello Claims advantage

At the heart of our approach lies the ability to merge traditional assessing skills with innovative technology and data analytics. This mixture of human skills and digital expertise creates a dynamic environment where trust, accuracy, and speed are paramount.

We’re different when it comes to heavy and complex motor assessments:

  • Expertise: We employ dedicated assessors and claims specialists with the right experience, qualifications and skillsets for heavy and complex assessments, such as mechanical engineers and diesel mechanics. Our team takes responsibility for the customer, holding their hand through the process and being thorough to achieve an accurate assessment.
  • Technology: Our technology and data analytics provide real-time, detailed data reporting for clients on expenditures, pricing, and repair costs – allowing you to get the best result on today’s claims and make informed and strategic decisions for the future.


The Hello Claims impact: faster, cost-effective, and satisfying

Hello Claims does not just talk the talk – it walks the walk, demonstrating real impact through its commitment to faster and more cost-effective claims resolution:

  • Lowering costs: The specialised Complex Assessing Team significantly reduces costs through pinpoint accurate assessments, swift response times, and the Repair Plus Network. This extensive network of repairers guarantees the best and fairest prices for repairs.
  • Speedy turnaround: Unlike traditional assessment practices that can lead to days or weeks waiting for on-site assessment, Hello Claims leverages technology for fast turnaround. This streamlined approach drastically reduces assessment times, mitigating customer frustration and lowering overall costs.
  • Elevated customer satisfaction and retention: Hello Claims’ dedication to swift and precise assessments translates into higher customer satisfaction scores.


In an environment where time is money and precision is paramount, Hello Claims emerges as a leader in reshaping heavy machinery insurance claims. By embracing a comprehensive approach, Hello Claims transforms what was once a pain point into a seamless, efficient, and customer-centric process.

Hello Claims stands as an undisputed choice for businesses seeking a partner that understands the complexities of heavy machinery claims. Furthermore, we offer solutions that prioritise speed, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.


Hello Claims is the most rigorous and transparent motor assessment & repair solution in Australia. We provide award-winning services infused with ground-breaking technology to manage motor vehicle claims on behalf of insurance businesses and fleet managers.

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