Repair Plus.

Repair Plus is Australia’s only one-stop-shop to manage assessments and repairs from start to finish.



How it works.

Four step process of Repair Plus diagram



Lower costs, faster repairs.

We control every step from quote to completion, ensuring more predictable outcomes for you and your customers.

  • We work closely with our repair partners to collaboratively construct quotes to achieve the most cost-effective and timely outcome for all parties
  • Lower predictable repair costs using our tightly controlled Repair Plus Network
  • Faster repair times get your customers back on the road faster
  • Customers are automatically updated each time their vehicle moves from one claim stage to another
  • Real-time repair stage & cost reporting whenever you need it, 24/7
  • Less leakage and fewer rectifications
  • Lifetime guarantee on all vehicle repairs
  • Fraud identification, reduction and measurement





The Repair Plus Network.

Our independent, customer-focused repairer network repairs vehicles the right way, every time. We manage, control, coach and collaborate with almost 100 of the best repair shops in the country – meaning faster, cheaper, higher quality outcomes.