Tower integrates Hello Claims for seamless motor claims handling

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We are delighted to announce our partnership with Tower, a leading insurer in New Zealand. Tower’s decision to integrate our assessing and repair management platform into their online systems marks a significant milestone in enhancing the motor claims process for both motor repairers and customers.


Tower’s integration with Hello Claims will enable customers to view their motor claims status at every point on their claim journey on My Tower, Tower’s online customer platform.


With this new technology integration, Tower customers can now receive real-time updates on their claims, eliminating the need for manual requests. This innovation streamlines the claims process by automatically assigning claims to repairers, accelerating resolution times for everyone involved.


Hello Claims Managing Director Nick Herford and Tower Chief Claims Officer Steve Wilson


Steve Wilson and Nick Herford share their perspectives

Tower Chief Claims Officer Steve Wilson says Tower is transforming its claims experience for customers and partners.

“We’re aiming to halve our total claims turnaround time, and with Hello Claims we’ll be able to reduce our claims process significantly. For example, receiving a quote, allocating an assessor and authorising the work can currently take up to four days on average, whereas we’ll be able to do it in real time.

“Similarly, we’ll be able to reduce the time it takes to allocate a claim to a repairer, authorise repairs and process invoices from three to five days down to a single day, which helps customers and repairers.

Collision Repair Association and Motor Trade Associations 2023 Collision Repairer Survey of Insurers showed claims process efficiency among New Zealand insurers has dropped since 2020, demonstrating the need for innovative process change. “Integrating Hello Claims software represents a pivotal point for motor claims. We look forward to seeing the improvements the software will have on the claims journey for our customers and repairers,” says Wilson.


Our software’s capabilities extend beyond mere automation. With the ability to batch supplier quotes, assess quotations, and integrate seamlessly with leading panel management systems, we are revolutionising how motor claims are handled in New Zealand. Repairers collaborating with Tower on an integrated panel management system will reap the benefits starting in July.



Hello Claims Managing Director Nick Herford says, “Hello Claims’ commitment to innovation and Tower’s forward-thinking approach to insurance mean our two businesses are closely aligned. Our partners who’ve embraced our technology and philosophy have witnessed tangible benefits. These benefits include enhanced productivity, comprehensive data analytics, and enhanced communication with all stakeholders through the claims process.

“Through automation and adherence to best practices, we’re dedicated to enhancing customer and repairer experiences, thus revolutionising the insurance industry landscape.”


Tower will gradually integrate Hello Claims software into its customer platform and internal systems, with completion expected by September 2024. We are excited about the journey ahead and the positive impact it will have on both customers and repairers.



About Hello Claims

We are an end-to-end motor assessment and repair solutions across Australia and New Zealand. We provide award-winning services infused with ground-breaking technology solutions. These solutions aim to manage the assessment and repair of motor vehicle claims on behalf of insurance businesses and fleet managers.



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Born and bred in New Zealand, Tower has been supporting Kiwis when they need it most for 150 years. In that time, we’ve grown to operate across New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, providing our customers with cover for their houses, cars, contents, businesses and more.

While our heritage is important to us, we’ve also set our sights on the future. Tower’s focus on innovation and investment in large-scale digital transformation, has enabled the business to evolve rapidly, in-line with the latest in technology and customer expectations. The result is customer-focused, digital-first insurance solutions. Combined with joining forces with like-minded partners, Tower has been able to create more, simpler products, to suit the modern lifestyles of its customers.

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