Complex Assessing.

Our dedicated Complex Assessing Team focus exclusively on heavy vehicle, machinery and liability claims.


Some motor claim assessment operators may think they can use a regular light vehicle assessor to handle heavy and complex motor claims. That’s like bringing a V8 to a Formula 1 race – it just doesn’t make sense!

Complex and heavy vehicle claims can be extremely costly if they’re not handled correctly. That’s why we have a dedicated Complex Assessing Team of our most experienced, qualified assessors and claim experts to provide a bespoke expert response with fast turnaround times for each unique claim.

  • Specialist capabilities, experience and qualifications to handle every claim
  • Minimise potential business interruption and repair costs with faster response and expert assessing
  • Real-time analytics and reporting to drive better results


When is a heavy or complex motor assessment needed?

Heavy and complex assessments are generally used for higher value, highly technical, detailed claims with more stakeholders than a standard vehicle assessment. Examples include:


  • Trucks
  • Mining equipment
  • Buses
  • Farm & agricultural equipment
  • Cranes
  • Marine hull
  • Commercial trailers


  • Some passenger vehicles with fuel contamination problems
  • Liability claims
  • High-value vehicles
  • Caravans
  • Marine hull
  • Third-party property damage
  • Business interruption assessment


How is Hello Claims different?

Our heavy and complex assessing division infuses traditional loss adjusting skillsets with state-of-the-art technology and data analytics. At Hello Claims, it’s all about building trust with our clients – giving you the confidence that we’ll get the job done promptly with an accurate result.

We’re different in two main ways when it comes to heavy and complex motor assessments:

  • We use dedicated assessors and claims specialists with the right experience, qualifications and skillsets for heavy and complex assessments such as mechanical engineers and diesel mechanics. Our team takes responsibility for the customer, holding their hand through the process and being very thorough to achieve an accurate assessment.
  • Our technology and data analytics provide real-time, detailed data reporting for clients on expenditures, pricing and repair costs – allowing you to get the best result on today’s claims and make informed and strategic decisions for the future.

Can you trust your assessor to offer the same dedication and commitment to your heavy and complex claims?


Why use Hello Claims for heavy and complex assessments?

Lower assessing and repair costs

Our dedicated heavy and complex assessing division reduces costs in several ways:

  • Accurate assessment by highly experienced assessors can save you substantial amounts in repair costs
  • We get in fast to carry out assessments – minimising the time the vehicle is off the road and therefore reducing potential business interruption and loss of income costs
  • A swift assessment minimises further damage and reduces the potential for total loss claims
  • We provide the option to run the repair phase through our Repair Plus offering – using our Australia-wide repairer panel, you get the best and fairest price on repairs


Faster turnaround

Some motor claim assessment operators hold onto their claims until they have an assessor available to attend on-site for a particular location. This can add days and sometimes weeks to the assessment time, causing customer frustration and increasing costs for the insurer. At Hello Claims, we do most of our assessment digitally, which is highly efficient, more cost-effective than standard industry average repair costs and speeds up the claim.


Higher customer satisfaction

With faster assessment turnaround and more accurately assessing that gets repairs started faster, it’s no wonder that our customer satisfaction scores are so high. For the insurer, this leads to customer retention and, ultimately, the growth of your business.


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